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We have received substantial grants and awards from IdahoSTARS and the Terry Lynn Lokoff/Children's Tylenol Foundation to improve the quality of our childcare facility.

Bachelor's Degree in Early Childhood Development

U.S. Dept. of Labor Certificate: Child Care Develoment Specialist

Licensed in the State of Idaho

ICCP Certified


Dear Parents and Guardians,

It is my goal to provide your child with a fun and enriching early childhood development program operated in a home environment so that your child can thrive and feel safe, happy, loved, and respected with lots of one on one attention. 

We teach Pre-K content along with life skills which allow the children to possess effective social, emotional, and physical skills. Our students learn to be self motivated and independent learners, which will benefit them throughout their lives.  Miss. Donna builds strong relationships with her students and creates a safe environment where they can make mistakes, take chances, and feel supported.  


My philosophy of childcare is to provide an environment for the child:

  • Where learning happens as a result of fun activities
  • A play based program
  • A home-like atmosphere
  • That encourages independent play as well as socialization
  • To reinforce the values of truth, respect, honor, and virtue
  • Where the child feels happy and safe
  • child developmental appropriate learning

"Successful communities provide the environment for individuals to reach their full potential." (David Massaro) It is our responsibility to provide that successful community. 

Furthermore, I strive to be a "Caring Professional Who Teaches for Understanding in a Community of Learning". (LCSC Education Department)

My philosophy of child care is to provide for the parents/guardians:

  • Honest and open communication about your child
  • Up-to-date information about your child's activities
  • An attitude of teamwork in areas relating to your child's development

My background gives me the foundations to fulfill my philosophy including:

  • Caring for children since age 11
  • 2 years experience in a large childcare center
  • Parent of two young adults
  • 27 years experience in family childcare
  • I have received my Child Development Accreditation
  • I have received my AA Degree in Early Child Education from CSI
  • I have received a Bachelor's Degree from LCSC
  • Currently enrolled at BSU in the Master's Program/Early and Special Education learning current scientific methods of teaching/learning

My goals in caring for your child are:

  • Getting to know your child's interests, strengths, and challenges to better understand how to help your child learn and discover
  • Provide for planned and spontaneous adult-child interactions
  • Provide a curriculum which includes; math-science-art-music-language- social skills-and develops fine motor skills and gross motor skills

As a team, we can work together to provide a fun, safe, learning environment for your child.


Donna Rhoten


"A moment of learning in a child's life can inspire a lifetime of achievement". Phil

Donna's Learning Center Mission Statement:


It is our goal to provide the children in our care with the finest childcare environment possible. We strive to help children grow physically, emotionally and socially. The first five years of childhood are the most important in development and learning; therefore, children of all ages will be taught skills that will help them reach their fullest potential. Children from toddlers on up will learn several life skills through play and exploration such as:

Emotional Maturity- Learning to make choices, involvement in the classroom, self-motivation

Social Skills- Getting along with others, making friends, taking part in a conversation

Self Help Skills- Being responsible for personal belongings, cleaning up after oneself, learning to dress oneself

Learning Skills- Finding solutions to problems, solving age appropriate puzzles, repeating patterns and references

Creative Thinking Skills- Thinking "out-of-the-box", sharing new ideas, being inventive in the thinking process

Physical Skills- Playing action games, doing simple exercises, participating in fine and large motor activities

Creative Music and Movement Experiences- Singing new words to songs, moving  in different ways to music, learning rhythm and sound patterns  

Self-Esteem- Growing confident in what he/she can do, building friendships, having positive self-efficacy

Because play is the foundation for all learning, we think play is a serious matter. Lessons plans are designed for the individual needs of the children. Although it may seem like the children are "just playing" at times, they are actually learning about themselves and the world around them. Children will take part in several fun activities throughout our days, such as:

Pretend play- Children acting out real life or imaginary experiences are trying to make sense or feel in control of their world.

Art - Scrubbing, tearing, cutting, painting, rolling, and pounding clay are all art experiences that help children learn how the mind and hands can work together to create. Art assists in gaining control of hand muscles, which is necessary for pre-writing. Art experiences can also prepare children for math and science by using colors, textures, forms, and shapes.

Language - Written and spoken words will help children develop a love for reading that will flourish over a lifetime. When children use their own language to express feelings or thoughts, they begin to feel the power of speech. When they sing, listen to poetry, are read to, and are given time to review books, they experience the joy of the written word.

Music and movement - Music and moving the body informally help provide children with a physical outlet. Soothing music can ease fears and anxiety, whereas dance music can help children develop motor skills, be silly and have fun. Singing helps children integrate new words into their vocabulary and experiment with speech patterns.

Manipulatives- The doors to the world of math are opened wide with manipulatives such as stacking blocks, puzzles and stringing beads because they offer opportunities to classify, sequence, sort, and match.

Blocks - Decision making, planning, sharing, cooperating, sense of accomplishment and pre-math skills are just a few of the familiar skills that a child will develop in the block area.

Science - Basic cognitive skills of cause and effect and a deep appreciation for the natural world are gained in this exploratory area.

Donna is a strong believer in getting involved and helping in the community. Here are some of the community services which she is or has been involved in.

  • Star Community Blood Drive Coordinator
  • Star McGruff Safe Home Coordinator
  • Ted Nugent United Sportsmen of America-Idaho State Director/Food, Toy, and Household Donations for the needy
  • Hunter Education Instructor for 15 years
  • Phone Donation Solicitor for Star Elementary from 1998 through 2004

At Donna's Learning Center we care for children from birth through 12 years of age.


monthly library "Reading Lady"

occasional field trips,

and many fun activities.

Stop by anytime and tour our facility. Your child will appreciate the home-away-from- home learning atmosphere.

Parental comments and suggestions are encouraged. 

To learn more, contact us today!

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